Product Overview

Affordable fleet management and vehicle tracking system for your business.

Oncore fleet is an economical and technologically advanced GPS tracking device with web based software that is used to track vehicle’s whereabouts and allows you to analyze their movements.

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Save your money for better use

Fuel can be said as one of the biggest and highest expenses transportation companies face today.

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Put your mind at ease.

Ask any car owners about their motor’s concerns and theft or car hijacking shall probably top the list.

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A compact and portable device that requires no installation at all.

Can be carried in the pocket, briefcase or backpack.

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Know whereabouts of your employees anytime anywhere

Oncore-i helps employees trace where their mobile workforce is anytime anywhere during workhours without having to interrrupt them.

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Easy to use Dredging and Dumping Monitoring System (DDMS) for your business with minimal investment

Owners of dredgers and ships that operate along the coastal line can ensure that their assets are performing the jobs they set out to do.

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In-vehicle recording solution

Access video and audio footages of vehicle on board recording for a more accurate analysis of its movement.

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Made in Malaysia,
life time warranty

Our product is manufactured in Malaysia, by using our local expertise, we managed to provide the best quality service regarding your requirements. Our product is SIRIM certificated to ensure the safety of our customer upon subscription.

Real-time Driver Tracking

Know where your vehicles are at all times – increasing accountability and eliminating the need to call drivers for status updates.

Reduce Accidents

Insight into dangerous driving behaviors such as speeding and harsh braking helps 90% of our customers reduce accidents.


You will be provided with 24/7/365 support whenever you need it.

Historical Tracking

Improve chances of recovery of those assets that are stolen


Number of units installed


Years of experience



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